Cuthbert's- Iced Biscuits - Oxtail Flavour - 650g
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Cuthbert's- Iced Biscuits - Oxtail Flavour - 650g

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Cuthbert’s have developed a coating for their nutritious, crunch treats which looks and tastes as good as chocolate, but does not contain any ingredients which we all know are harmful to Dogs.

Cuthbert’s crunchy oven baked biscuits treats are very nutritious. They are made with only the best ingredients selected specifically to suit the Digestive system of your best friend and then oven baked.

The oven baking gives each biscuit the perfect texture to ensure a good gnawing action to promote healthy teeth and gums. The fun shapes are the perfect size for a puppy’s mouth and big enough for fun making them irresistible. They are a recommended treat because they are enriched with calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Help control tartar for clean, healthy teeth. Do not contain any artificial flavorings or colourants. Because of their jumbo size, each biscuit will take logger to savour. The mouth – wateringly decadent flavours developed by an animal nutritionist, mimic the traditional tastes and smells of a farmhouse kitchen – IRRESISTIBLE!